RELEASE: //42 Mount Patterson Camps for MSFS on PC & Xbox

RELEASE: //42 Mount Patterson Camps for MSFS on PC & Xbox

When we kicked off the concept of building these small and often BLM land camps for MSFS, we weren’t sure how they would be received. FreedomFox / Fox2 Complete was the perfect way to test the waters, so we increased the value of that package by bundling a few of them. The feedback has been overly positive; these strips always have bush pilots zooming around the area.

It’s not all gravy tho; there has been some negative feedback from those that don’t want to own a Kitfox but prefer a Cub or even…a Husky. This kind of negative feedback is always welcome tho; more people want access to these strips, and who are we to hold it back? Queue the UN bundling…

In a prior blog post about 42MX Mexican Mountain, we promised to make these strips available individually at $4.99 for small camps and $7.99 for bigger strips that serve as hubs for the smaller ones.

We begin with a series of 3 small POI in Northern California, which are included for $4.99. This particular set was inspired by a Trent Palmer video titled “I landed my plane on a 11,000ft mountain” In the video, Trent never reveals what the sign says at his landing site, but now you can experience it and see it for yourself in-sim.

If you own FreedomFox / Fox2 Complete Pack, you already own this scene.

freedomfox in real life
freedomfox in sim life

Your purchase includes three BLM landing areas in Mono County, California, in the Sweetwater Range.

  • 42MW Mars with Flowers
  • 42MP Mount Patterson Peak
  • 42MM Montague Mine Stone Cabin

Scenes have a small footprint vs. complete sceneries that cover a larger area. Expect challenging spots with immaculate vibes; whether it feels remote or cozy will depend on each spot.

42MW — Mars with Flowers
A place of extreme weather and altitude near the Mount Patterson Summit.

- Featured in Trent Palmer’s video titled “I landed my plane on an 11,000ft mountain.”
- Accurately recreated trailhead marker
- Challenging altitude and weather
- Terraformed region to better resemble real-world data
- Custom ground texturing to accurately resemble real-world data

42MP — Mount Patterson Peak
A summit of 11,654 feet in elevation makes it the highest mountain in the Sweetwater range.

- Accurately recreated animated American Flag at summit
- Custom Soundscape includes Flag and hardware in the wind
- Challenging short landing area located at a high altitude
- Terraformed region to correctly resemble real-world data
- An incredible spot to enjoy sunrise/sunset

42MM — Montague Mine Stone Cabin
A miner’s cabin built from local stone in the 1800s is used for shelter by hikers today.

- Fully recreated stone cabin
- Custom Soundscape includes squeaking door in the wind
- Challenging short landing area located in a valley at a high altitude
- Terraformed region to correctly resemble real-world data
- Custom modeled interior full of fun surprises.


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