RELEASE: //42 Campout utility for MSFS on PC & Xbox

RELEASE: //42 Campout utility for MSFS on PC & Xbox


This is a very exciting post, and one many of you have been waiting for for some time. Since we launched FreedomFox // Fox2, it’s been obvious that people loved the experience of camping out in-sim. We knew we wanted to do more, but we wanted it to be bigger, cooler, and not just for owners of the Kitfox.

For those who don’t know, I’m also a content creator, a true simmer first & foremost. I did quite a few streams live on Twitch, just sitting in a tent that ships with FF/F2 working for hours on //42 admin stuff off camera. I started to notice that viewership racked up, and people loved listening to the sounds of the sim, sometimes with chill tunes. Things got even more fantastic when people discovered my location on multiplayer and started flying by or landing nearby and shutting down. The introduction of MSFS 2020 swapped a sim world we once knew as a series of prebuilt and recurring ground tiles for an accurate representation of some of the world's most remote corners. 💡That was the idea moment.

The idea was pitched to the team, and the rest is history. What you’re soon to experience has never been done before, and we’re incredibly excited to be the ones to make it happen; the Fox is no longer the only aircraft with camping supplies on board.

//42 Campout — Flying is Optional

camping chairs and equipment around fire
An add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 that allows you to take camping equipment on board any aircraft. Set up camp anywhere in the world you want to call home for a night…or week. It’s not scenery; it’s live & dynamic object placement, and management, all via an in-sim menu system.

This unique add-on provides an opportunity to combine the serenity and beauty of flying with the peaceful vibes of camping. When you find that special spot in the world you want to make your own, you’ll know exactly why flying is optional.

- DOES NOT REQUIRE //42 FreedomFox/Fox2
- Works with ANY aircraft, ANYWHERE
- Built following current MSFS SDK Standards
- Pack/Unpack button for quick management of items in proximity
- Sets allow you to create & save custom campouts per aircraft
- Worldwide object persistence
- Eco Credit system to manage in-sim ‘littering”
- Intelligent purging system(s) to protect sim performance
- In-sim management of complete product/features
- Over a dozen placeable objects, variations/options when applicable
- Wind reactive objects include Tents, Portable Windsock & Smoke Canisters
- Additional themed objects to be released. Military, Hunting, Festival…
- Oddly satisfying sounds when placing objects.
- Custom sounds for key objects such as campfires.
- Share system allows you to share campouts with friends
- PC & XBOX compatible (when purchased thru MSFS Marketplace)


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campsite near parked helicopter

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campsite behind aircraft at dusk

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