More changes, this time our pricing…

More changes, this time our pricing…

The hardest thing for an artist to do is to put a price on their own work. They know better than anyone what it took to get to where they were able to produce something the world want to enjoy. The answer lies in a delicate balance between what people are willing to pay, and what it cost to build.

In my 42 years of life (yes really!) I never imagined the world could be in as much chaos as it’s in today. So many people have had their idea of normal life disrupted, my building emptied out last month losing almost 1/3rd of its tenants, Studio 42 lost 3 neighbors on our floor alone. Everything we thought about what the world was willing or able to pay, is in the bin. Market studies and charts don’t mean a thing anymore, we’ve got to listen to the people.

#FlyJuly by Orbx allowed us to openly test the market with a new price list for an extended period of time. We are thankful for Orbx allowing us the opportunity to participate in that event. I’ve always been adamant about getting our products into “The $20 Club”. Those in The Sky Lounge know I always celebrated that pricing. In the 31 days that we tried it with most of our Immersion products, it became clear that you liked it too.

Some Adjustments

We’re excited to introduce our new pricing effective immediately. ALL immersion products will be market adjusted to $20 USD. This includes future immersion products as well. ChasePlane will also come down to $34 USD. Across our product portfolio, this represents an average of 30% in savings.

//42 products are available direct at: , Orbx, & MS Marketplace

Closing Thoughts

We are thankful for all the customers that continue to support us thru these tough times. Because of you, we are able to continue working full time as //42, and building products while keeping a roof over our heads, and food on the table. I hope that this adjustment better reflects our true desire, for everyone to enjoy our art, not just those that can afford it to pay what we feel it costs to create it.

Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

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