Thick Scroll

FREEWARE: Thick Scroll - UI Mod for MSFS on PC & Xbox

FREEWARE: Thick Scroll - UI Mod for MSFS on PC & Xbox

Hello Captain!

Have you noticed the trend of razor thin scroll bars in some of your commonly used apps? Some devs make them auto-widen when you hover them, others don't bother, and some devs have excluded scroll bars altogether!

Accessibility is sadly an often overlooked component in gaming UI/UX. But there are also issues that affect everyone, ever scroll with a mouse wheel only to have the sim zoom in or out or have it scroll thru the content of pulldowns (graphics settings) you didn't want to modify instead of scrolling the list you expected to browse?

Scroll bars also serve as a visual indicator that there is more on the page if you're a mouse wheel scroller. Thick Scroll widens in-sim scroll bars, making them easier to see and use. When we design with accessibility in mind, it benefits everyone, not just those with disabilities or impairments.

Broaden your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience with Thick Scroll – Stop squinting and start scrolling.