ChasePlane, a statement on MSFS & Price Drop for FSX/Prepar3D version

ChasePlane, a statement on MSFS & Price Drop for FSX/Prepar3D version

If you’re new to Flight Simulation and don’t know about ChasePlane, watch the video above. ChasePlane is an award-winning virtual Camera system that allows you to experience virtual flight like never before in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. (not msfs 2020, read on!)

ChasePlane includes revolutionary features like an In-Sim View Selector, full camera control, including roll axis and zoom, Cinematic Mode, realistic turbulence, and much more.

HOWEVER…if you’re like what seems like 99.9% of the flight sim community, and will yell at their screen for any info on ChasePlane for MSFS, let’s start by addressing that officially first.

Official //42 Statement on ChasePlane for MSFS

MSobo delivered a closed camera system nowhere near prior offerings. As it stands today, we can’t tap into it to make it great.

If you’d like to see ChasePlane in MSFS, there are 2 things you can do. Please upvote those suggestions:


Dev Area:

//42 has also provided MSobo engineers with a confidential document outlining exactly what would need to exist/change for ChasePlane to come to MSFS. This document was requested and provided in January of this year. To date, we’ve not heard anything back.

Reduction in Price on ChasePlane for FSX/Prepar3D

No need for hype; let’s keep this short and sweet! ChasePlane…

WAS $31.99

NOW $24.99

ChasePlane is available exclusively via Orbx:

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