Area 51 Raid - They Can’t Stop Us In Sim!

Area 51 Raid - They Can’t Stop Us In Sim!

The Skypark Online turns your simulator into a dynamic world. I know that sounds so….buzzwordish, but there really is no way to express everything this means in less than a short novel of text on your screen! Essentially our tools allow us to create notable/trending real-world scenes on the fly, no custom scenery installs, no library of objects to keep track of, no sim restart.

The images below show what you would see in-sim if you flew over the rear gate at Area 51 this Friday while connected to The Skypark Online. Should you decide to land there, perhaps other mysterious actions would occur too…so yea, let your minds run wild with this one, having this in-sim what kind of adventures could we make out of it?

Edson Soriano
Managing Director //42

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