MS Flight Simulator 2020


A freeware utility for effortless installations and identification of add-on conflicts.

Designed exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator, this lightweight Windows application operates seamlessly outside of your sim space, ensuring unnoticeable resource usage.

What started off as a tool for customers who buy directly from our store evolved into a community-wide offering that's a MUST-HAVE if you download content from community sites like or directly from developer websites. Installations are now a breeze, whether you want to manually handle them or allow Simstaller to monitor a directory of your choice for new add-ons to install automatically. Use Addons Linker? Add custom directories as bookmarks to swap package destinations quickly!

Identify conflicts too! In Microsoft Flight Simulator, add-ons can clash, leading to issues like overriding core assets or other unintended game modifications. Simstaller's innovative Virtual File System (VFS) scan feature swiftly detects these conflicts. Whether it's odd-looking fonts, VFX, or avionics issues, our tool identifies the culprits behind these overrides, empowering you with the knowledge of WHO is overwriting WHAT.

Simstaller is not just a tool; it's our commitment to improving your flight simulation experience once again.

  • Resource-Efficient: A lightweight tool that won't bog down your system.
  • Community-Focused: A MUST-HAVE tool if you download from community sites like and others. Think of all the dependency packages for that freeware scenery you just downloaded!
  • Effortless Installations: Manually install packages or let Simstaller automatically monitor a folder of your choice for new add-ons.
  • Bulk Installation Capabilities: Save time and effort with the ability to perform bulk installations. Remember the pain of installing those AI packages?? Gone.
  • Use Addons Linker? Add custom directories as bookmarks to swap package destinations quickly!
  • Quick Documentation Access: Any included add-on documentation will be a single click away.
  • Conflict Identification: Get notified of potential conflicts at the time of installation. Simstaller identifies conflicts between packages and core sim files. Note that not all conflicts are destructive.
  • Conflict Scanning Feature: Troubleshooting? Leverage Simstaller's ability to scan your existing installation for conflicts. This feature scans your Community folder, helping resolve issues like overwritten core fonts, avionics, registration numbers, and more, categorizing them for ease of usefulness.
Available here (PC)

"I just discovered that some of my add-ons conflicted with core files; manually finding the conflicts can be challenging. With this tool, I have found conflicts that my add-ons can cause with a single click and fix the conflicts quickly. Installing add-ons is now easier than ever, and I recommend that my customers use Simstaller to install my products."

- Seb @ Cockspur

"Thanks to the VFS scan in Simstaller, we were able to help our customers fix conflicts preventing our products from working properly. Just a few hours after release, we identified conflicts preventing FSR500 EFB from working and Sting S4 dynamic liveries from failing to show.

Thanks //42 for providing this."

- Raul @ FSReborn

"Install 100 helipads in less than 100 seconds!? Sign me up!

This tool will greatly help newcomers to our hobby."

- Sergio @

"Installs things with one click, finds issues, presents manuals and documents. The only thing It can't do is make me tea... currently.

I love it!"

- AvAngel

"Whether you use "Addons Linker" or not, this is a must-have! Its ability to optimize the unzipping process into custom directories is a welcome feature, combined with its ability to scan for conflicts; this goes right into the daily toolkit!"

- BurstixTV

"A super-tool for MSFS users! It simplifies the process of adding third-party products with its automatic installation feature. The VFS scan is particularly useful, providing insights into how add-ons interact with the core sim files which is great for troubleshooting.

A must have!"